FDI Inflows Increase But Not As Modi Claims


  He says 700%, the data reveal 40%: Narendra Modi appears to be stretching foreign-direct investment (FDI) numbers registered during his one year as Prime Minister.   In the last 1 year, foreign investment has risen 8 times to 25,000 crores: PM Modi — NDTV (@ndtv) May 25, 2015   Multinational corporations (MNCs) have invested …Read More

Gadkari Is Right: Urine Good For Plants


Nitin Jairam Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport, Highways and Shipping at the World Economic Forum-India Economic Summit 2014 in New Delhi   A scientific study confirms Union Minister Nitin Gadkari’s claims: Urine is a natural fertiliser and nutrient source.   Used in combination with gypsum, human urine leads to healthier, larger and more nutritious foodgrain …Read More

Beef Eating Falls, Bovine Slaughter Grows In India


  As controversy flares over a ban on not just slaughter but possession of beef–punishable with a jail term of up to five years–in Maharashtra, the data reveal that consumption of bovine meat is falling in what was, in an ancient era, a country of beef-eating Hindus.   From 1.7 kg per year (reflecting the …Read More

Will Indian Hindus Have 4 Children?

  Bharatiya Janata Party MP Sakshi Maharaj’s demand that Hindu women should have 4 or more children to ensure Hinduism’s primacy is not reflected in India’s declining fertility rates.   Maharaj said: “The concept of four wives and forty children just won’t work in India, but it is high time that every Hindu woman must …Read More

Can Indian Muslims Outnumber Hindus? Unlikely


  “If we aren’t cautious, soon Hindus will be outnumbered in India (by Muslims),” the President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Pravin Togadia, said in Mumbai on December 14.   The prospect of being overtaken by Muslims is a familiar refrain from the Hindu right-wing. The VHP’s ghar vapasi (returning home) movement has triggered …Read More