In 2030, 39% of India’s Population Will Be Urban


  India will have two of the world’s biggest cities in the world by population in 2030, in which 1.2% of the world’s urban population of 5.06 billion will reside, according to a press release by the World Water Council, an international multi-stakeholder platform that works on water-related issues, and data from the United Nations. …Read More

In 2016, Highest Death Rate Of Tuberculosis In Uttar Pradesh


  In 2016, tuberculosis (TB) killed more people per 100,000 in Uttar Pradesh (58) than any other state in India, according to state-level estimates of the burden of disease published in a new report put together by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the Public Health Foundation of India, the Institute for Health Metrics and …Read More

Indian Livestock Deaths Double Over A Decade To 2015


  Diseases killed over 260,000 livestock in 2015, nearly double the number (~135,000) in 2005, according to data from the department of animal husbandry and dairying, and ministry of agriculture, as compiled by the 2017 Statistical Yearbook of India.   Overall, poultry in India increased 49%, from 489 million in 2003 to 729 million in …Read More