Ganga Rejuvenation: Many Attempts Over 30 Years


  #NDAOneYear #SaalEkShuruaatAnek: Repeating our series on key initiatives of Ministries: Ganga Rejuvenation — PIB India (@PIB_India) May 27, 2015   An analysis of the initiatives highlighted in the report card for Ganga rejuvenation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government shows that larger initiatives have been previously launched to construct sewage treatment plants. Those …Read More

Tourism Ministry: Unexceptional Claims


  Tourism is rising, the world is coming to India. #SaalEkShuruaatAnek — PMO India (@PMOIndia) May 26, 2015   A year after Narendra Modi took office as prime minister, claims by the Ministry of Tourism of an 8% increase in foreign tourist arrivals and a 10% increase in foreign-exchange earnings appear unexceptional.   We …Read More

Textiles Ministry: Achievements, Carried Over


  A year after Narendra Modi’s government took office, the ministry of textiles made three claims, all of which are continuation of on-going programmes.     We emailed our findings to the ministry last week, requesting comment. There was no response.     1. Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS): Expansion decided by previous government.   …Read More

Department Of Posts: Old Plans On Track


    The achievements claimed by the Department of Posts during the one year of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s term in office centre around the implementation of plans announced and programmes started by the previous government, such as automation and core banking solutions.   We emailed our findings to the ministry last week, requesting comment. …Read More

Sanitation Ministry: Old Wine, New Bottles


    A blaze of publicity has showcased the sanitation and water-supply achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, such as the rural version of the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM-Rural), or Clean India Mission, which is an existing scheme renamed. Another supposedly new programme, piped-water supply through solar-power-based dual pumps, was launched by the previous …Read More