6 I-Day Promises From 2014 That Modi (Partially) Fulfilled


    As Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his second Independence Day speech, IndiaSpend and FactChecker reviewed the implementation of key pronouncements he made in his first Independence Day Speech on August 15, 2014:   1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana—More than 174 million bank accounts opened; 46% have no money   What Modi said: …Read More

Fine Maximum Deterrent For Not Voting


  The Gujarat Government has become the first state government to make voting compulsory for local body elections. Chief Election Commissioner H S Brahma asked: “ Will you jail voters who don’t vote?” IndiaSpend did a fact check on punishments that absentee voters may get around the world.   Jail for not voting? Well, Egypt, …Read More

BJP Wildly Exaggerates Irrigation Claims, Right On Farmer Deaths In Maharashtra

With Maharashtra assembly polls only 10 days away, opposition parties are questioning the policies of the erstwhile Congress-NCP Government. In one such ad that highlights farmer suicides and low irrigation capacity in the state, the BJP has accused the government of causing deaths/suicides of over 50,000 farmers and “pocketing” Rs 70,000 crore in the name of irrigation …Read More

Do Literate Women Make More Active Voters ?


With India’s general elections just 10 days away, there is a hue and cry about women participation in the electoral process. A recent IndiaSpend report found that there has been literally no change in the proportion of women voters over the last 40 years. So what affects women voting patterns? What are the other factors …Read More