India’s Carbon-Dioxide Emissions Up 4.7% In 2016


  In 2016, the largest absolute increases in carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions over 2015 were seen in India (+4.7%) and Indonesia (+6.4%), according to a September 2017 report by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, a research institute.   In contrast, the largest emitting countries/regions showed a decrease; most notably the United States (-2.0%), the Russian Federation …Read More

21% Indians Received Medical Attention from Untrained Personnel Before Dying


  Only 35% people received medical attention from qualified medical personnel before dying, according to the government’s Sample Registration Survey (SRS) report, 2015.   While 27% received medical attention at government hospitals, 17% received attention at private hospitals.   As many as 21% people received attention from an untrained person before dying, the data show. …Read More