Fine Maximum Deterrent For Not Voting


  The Gujarat Government has become the first state government to make voting compulsory for local body elections. Chief Election Commissioner H S Brahma asked: “ Will you jail voters who don’t vote?” IndiaSpend did a fact check on punishments that absentee voters may get around the world.   Jail for not voting? Well, Egypt, …Read More

A Fact Check On Congress’ Fact Check On Narendra Modi


Here is a Fact Check on a Fact Check by Indian National Congress on the claims made by Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister and the Prime Ministerial candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party  (BJP) ahead of the six-phased General Elections scheduled from April 7, 2014.   #Claim 1: Employment Generation in Gujarat   The first claim …Read More

UPA’s FDI Claims Don’t Seem To Add Up


  India has received billions of dollars in foreign investment after it began liberalising its markets in the 1990s.   While the inflows have been steady and visible, they’ve never kept pace with many other developing countries, such as China. Moreover, they’ve been steadily declining in the last four years.   Now, there is a …Read More