Rahul Gandhi Wrong On Tamil Nadu Unemployment Claims

That was Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi talking about Tamil Nadu’s unemployed youth.   A look at Census data and unemployment data from the labour ministry proves him wrong on both counts:   * Six million youth in the age group he refers to are unemployed, not nine million.   * About 14% of graduates …Read More

Rahul Gandhi Wrong On Delhi Riots Claim


  Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi claimed this week that no riots were reported during the 15 years that his party governed Delhi.   Gandhi is straying from the truth. The police registered more than 1,100 cases of rioting over 13 years for which data is available.   Overall, 1,109 riot cases have been reported …Read More

Mapping India’s Elections Via Twitter


  While the world eagerly awaits the election results on 16th May, 2014, the results seem to be clear on twitter. According to data shared by Twitter India, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, seems to be the clear winner according to the number of times mentioned. The data which spans over 56 million election …Read More

Why Does Rahul Gandhi Want To Dump MPLADS?


  Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi recently made a statement that he would like to see the end of MPLADS or Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme.   Gandhi said: “I want to tell you a reality. If you ask MPs, at least 50%  will tell you that put an end to this MPLAD …Read More