Of 47 Modi Claims We Analysed In 2017, 8 Were False


    From December 31, 2016, FactChecker analysed 47 claims made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speeches across the country in 2017.   As many as 10 FactChecker stories during 2017 found that while the Prime Minister was right on 24 claims, he was wrong on eight claims, 10 were partially right and …Read More

9 Of Modi’s 16 Claims On Govt Schemes True, 3 False


  Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in November 2017. FactChecker.in checked Modi’s claims on various issues and found nine of his 16 claims to be true and three false. The validity of two claims was unclear owing to lack of data and two were partly true.   On November 30, …Read More