Amit Shah’s Remarks On Crimes Against Women In Tripura False, Claim On Unemployment Almost True





Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah claimed that Tripura has the highest rate of crimes against women in the country and that 25% of the literate population of the state is unemployed.



BOOM analysed official data to fact check his claims:


CLAIM 1: Tripura has the highest rate of crimes against women in the country


BOOM’s analysis found it to be false.


Tripura is at the eighth position among 29 states and seven union territories with high rates of crimes against women and does not top the list, according to 2015 data of the National Crime Records Bureau.


Rate of crimes against women refers to crimes committed against women reported per 100,000 female population.


Tripura recorded a rate of 68.2, which is above the national crime rate of 53.9, in 2015.


Delhi (184.3) had the highest rate of violence against women followed by the northeastern state of Assam (148.2) and Telangana (83.1).


Source: National Crime Records Bureau


The BJP president also said that 919 cases of crimes against women were reported in 10 months in Tripura.


While it was not clear from the speech which months Shah was referring to, a study of crimes against women by the Tripura Police shows that the number of crimes against women reported between January-November 2016 declined 20% to 977 cases from 1,221 cases in 2015.


Source: Tripura police; Data for January to November each year


CLAIM 2 : 25% of the literate population of the state is unemployed


BOOM found that the government data show unemployment among graduates in Tripura is about 23%, which is close to what Shah said.


Of every 1,000 graduates in Tripura, 228 are unemployed, according to the 5th Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey (2015-16) by the ministry of labour and employment. That means 22.8% of graduates in Tripura are unemployed.


Of every 1,000 graduates in India, 100 (10%) are unemployed.


We assume that, by “literate population” (see BJP’s tweet above), Shah is referring to the population with graduate-level qualification.


Tripura ranks as the fourth worst state in terms of unemployment among graduates in the country.


Source: Employment-Unemployment Survey (2015-16), Ministry of Labour and Employment


(Alexander is a correspondent with BOOM, an independent digital journalism initiative.)